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Investing in Time Ltd websites:

Established by two lifelong dealers, Investing in Time Ltd. was born of a pioneering interest in vintage watchmaking. With a combined 60 years in the watch industry, friends Jonathan Scatchard and Guy Nelson-Bolton have seen the global watch market shift dramatically through each decade.

In the 1990s, when information on the Internet was sparse, Jonathan took interest in previous generations of watches. While demand circulated around military watches and very early Rolex Princes and Bubblebacks of the 1930s and 1940s, the market for ‘60s and ‘70s sports watches remained largely untapped. Watches from brands such as Heuer lacked the recognition that their quality and design deserved, inspiring Jonathan to build a large collection of Heuer timepieces (as featured in FHM magazine). In collaboration with TAG Heuer UK and promoted with an editorial from GQ, Jonathan’s collection sold in an exclusive Sotheby’s auction in 2000 which helped ignite the market for vintage Heuer.

As Jonathan built his website, he received tremendous support from watch enthusiasts who emerged through the Internet. The late Chuck Maddox, one of the pioneers of collecting, was an invaluable source of information and guidance in the early days of Vintage Heuer. Following the launch of the website in 2003, Jonathan helped publish Miller’s Guide to Comparing and Valuing Wrist-Watches.

Meanwhile Guy dedicated his time to managing a prestigious watch store in Leeds. Clearly seeing the potential for vintage watches as serious investment pieces, Guy’s foresaw the eruption in the vintage market and invested in a range of classic timepieces from Rolex and Omega. Over the years, Guy built an extensive network of clients and dealers which would prove pivotal to the success of Vintage Heuer and Vintage Watch Shop. 

Jonathan and Guy’s mutual passion for vintage watches as independent dealers inspired them to join forces as business partners, forming the company Investing in Time Ltd. Since 2012, the company continues to harness the behaviours and interests of collectors as vintage watches enjoy a worldwide renaissance and newfound appreciation. Their two primary websites, Vintage Heuer and Vintage Watch Shop, are dedicated to buying and selling history’s greatest timepieces.

In 2016, Jonathan and Guy established their headquarters at Bowcliffe Hall- a magnificent Georgian country house perfectly placed just of the A1(M). An outstanding venue for business, Investing in Time’s place at Bowcliffe Hall is one of its greatest assets. Its tranquil grounds, private driver’s club and intimate connection to motorsports makes the process of viewing or purchasing our watches first-hand an utterly transformative experience. This private, appointment-only experience, steeped in fine motorsports and aviation history, provides an opportunity to view fabulous watches in a totally unique setting. We relish any opportunity to meet new faces and discuss old watches.

Jonathan Scatchard

Guy Bolton

Investing in Time Ltd websites: